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Princeton University Thunch Talk

Ultra-Short-Period Planets: Formation, evolution and unique scientific opportunities

In order to understand a process as complex as planet formation, the most extreme cases are often the most revealing. At one extreme are the ultra-short-period planets (USP, orbital period <1 day), orbiting their host stars just a few stellar radii away. Thanks to their proximity to the host stars, USPs may represent our best chance of understanding the composition of small, Earth-like planets in the near future. Moreover, these highly irradiated worlds are great for studying the reflectivity/thermal emission from the rocky planets, the effect of photoevaporation, and possible planet-star magnetic interaction etc. In this talk, I will describe our recent works on the composition and orbital architecture of USP planets and the implication for their origin.


Fei Dai

Speaker Affiliation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University


Natural Sciences

Additional Information

Date & Time
May 17, 2018 | 12:151:15pm


Peyton Hall, Room 033 (basement)