Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton University Early Universe/Cosmology Lunch Discussion

Lyman-alpha forest perturbative modeling and improved CMB constraining power

The Lyman-alpha forest is the primary cosmological tracer in the post-reionization Universe at 2<z<6. Many attempts have been made to model the Lyman-alpha flux fluctuation power spectrum using perturbation theory, but most of these either only model large (linear) scales or rely on fitting functions to capture small-scale (nonlinear) behavior. In this talk I will present my work on using perturbation theory to model flux fluctuations at second order. I then show how this model refines our understanding of the importance of one BAO systematic, namely, early Universe streaming velocity between dark matter and baryons. Finally, I will discuss my interest in combining improved broadband modeling of the flux fluctuation power spectrum with CMB data from Stage IV experiments to constrain neutrino masses and test for primordial non-Gaussianity. 

Date & Time

October 26, 2020 | 12:30pm – 2:00pm


Until further notice, meetings will be held remotely on Zoom.


Jahmour Givans

Speaker Affiliation

Ohio State University


Contact Andrina Nicola or <anicola AT> or Marcel Schmittfull <mschmittfull AT> for the Zoom link. Organizers are Jo Dunkley, Princeton University, and Matias Zaldarriaga, Institute for Advanced Study.