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Friends Lunch with a Member

Sudan in a Time of Revolution

How has Sudan changed since its revolution in April of 2019? Why did the popular uprising succeed after thirty years of military dictatorship and what does this tell us about the changing nature of Sudanese society? Sudan remains a society and state in transition. Once the largest country in Africa by territorial size. South Sudan seceded in 2011 forming the newest nation in the world. Long an international pariah, today the government in Khartoum is desperate to reintegrate into the international community. Yet, Sudan faces incredible challenges both internally and a huge financial burden in order to pay in order to restore its relationship with the United States. This talk with discuss these challenges and chart a path forward.



Alden H. Young, AMIAS Member, School of Social Science

Date & Time
May 29, 2020 | 12:001:00pm


Remote Access via Zoom video conferencing