Emergency Information

Emergency Resource Page

This web site is being created and maintained to keep the Institute Community aware of important information as a result of the current difficulties arising after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Emergency Notification System

In the event of a campus emergency (such as the need to close due to a security threat) , the mass notification system will be used to immediately send messages to all Institute phones and email addresses. In addition, Faculty, Staff and Members are able to provide additional telephone and personal email addresses to the system to ensure that the information is received successfully after normal business hours at alternative contact points. An additional contact point may also include a notification to a spouse, companion or other family member as the individual chooses.

This mass notification system will be utilized only when there is an emergency situation on campus that necessitates altering normal activity. Some examples can include a fire, a delayed opening due to weather, a police emergency, or a threat that might affect individuals on campus.

The system will also be used to notify staff and faculty when extreme weather necessitates a delayed start to the normal work day. Information on weather delays can also be accessed by calling 1-609-734-8001.

Institute-affiliated individuals can update their contact points at: https://web.ias.edu/UpdateMe

We encourage you to keep several points of contact (home phone, cell phone, home email, etc.) available for Connect Ed notifications. If you wish to remove any contact points from your profile, please see the Human Resources Office. 

As other information becomes available, links will be updated or added to this site. If you have comments or suggestions, please send them via e-mail to .

Emergency Preparedness

Please review the memo on Emergency Preparedness