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Jan 22

Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar II

New Results on Projections
Guy Moshkovitz
10:30am | Simonyi Hall 101
What is the largest number of projections onto k coordinates guaranteed in every family of m binary vectors of length n? This fundamental question is intimately connected to...
Jan 22

Variational Methods in Geometry Seminar

Symplectic methods for sharp systolic inequalities
Umberto Hryniewicz
1:00pm | Simonyi Hall 101
In this talk I would like to explain how methods from symplectic geometry can be used to obtain sharp systolic inequalities. I will focus on two applications. The first is the...
Jan 22

Variational Methods in Geometry Seminar

(Non)uniqueness questions in mean curvature flow
Lu Wang
3:30pm | Simonyi Hall 101
Mean curvature flow is the negative gradient flow of the volume functional which decreases the volume of (hyper)surfaces in the steepest way. Starting from any closed surface...
Jan 22

Joint IAS/Princeton University Number Theory Seminar

The Eigencurve at Eisenstein weight one points
Alice Pozzi
4:30pm | West Building Lecture Hall
In 1973, Serre observed that the Hecke eigenvalues of Eisenstein series can be p-adically interpolated. In other words, Eisenstein series can be viewed as specializations of a...
Jan 23

BYOP@Lunch Working Group

12:30pm | Dilworth Room
Jan 23

Mathematical Conversations

Bourgain and the sum-product phenomena
Avi Wigderson
6:00pm | Dilworth Room
In 2004 Jean Bourgain proved, with Netz Katz and Terry Tao, the "sum-product theorem in finite fields". He referred to this result (and proof technique) as a "goose which...
Jan 24

Venkatesh Working Group

10:00am | Simonyi Hall 101
Jan 24

Princeton University Thunch Talk

The Early Arrival of WASP-4b
Luke Bouma
12:15pm | Peyton Hall, Room 033 (basement)
The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has begun to monitor the brightness of many stars.  I will give an update on the current status of TESS, and discuss a recent...
Jan 24

Analysis Seminar

Multiplicity of Eigenvalues for the circular clamped plate problem.
Dan Mangoubi
1:00pm | Simonyi Hall 101
A celebrated theorem of C.L. Siegel from 1929 shows that the multiplicity of eigenvalues for the Laplace eigenfunctions on the unit disk is at most two. More precisely, Siegel...
Jan 25

Princeton University Astrophysical Sciences Supernova Discussion Group

11:00am | Peyton Hall, Room 140
Everyone is welcome. Adam Burrows is the organizer.