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Feb 25

Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar II

Is the variety of singular tuples of matrices a null cone?
Viswambhara Makam
10:30am | Simonyi Hall 101
The following multi-determinantal algebraic variety plays an important role in algebra and computational complexity theory: SING_{n,m}, consisting of all m-tuples of n x n...
Feb 25

Seminar on Theoretical Machine Learning

Learning from Multiple Biased Sources
Clayton Scott
12:00pm | Dilworth Room
When high-quality labeled training data are unavailable, an alternative is to learn from training sources that are biased in some way. This talk will cover my group’s recent...
Feb 26

Mathematical Conversations

Euler flow with odd symmetry
Hyunju Kwon
6:00pm | Dilworth Room
I’ll introduce the incompressible Euler equations and talk about the solution’s behavior when the vorticity has odd symmetry.
Feb 27

Working Seminar on Nonabelian Hodge Theory

10:00am | Simonyi Hall 101
Feb 27

Seminar on Theoretical Machine Learning

Preference Modeling with Context-Dependent Salient Features
Laura Balzano
12:00pm | Dilworth Room
This talk considers the preference modeling problem and addresses the fact that pairwise comparison data often reflects irrational choice, e.g. intransitivity. Our key...
Feb 27

Joint IAS/Princeton University Number Theory Seminar

A p-adic monodromy theorem for de Rham local systems
Koji Shimizu
4:30pm | Simonyi 101
Every smooth proper algebraic variety over a p-adic field is expected to have semistable model after passing to a finite extension. This conjecture is open in general, but its...
Feb 28

Analysis - Mathematical Physics

Svitlana Mayboroda
3:30pm | Simonyi 101
Feb 28

Analysis - Mathematical Physics

Dimerization and N ́eel order in different quantum spin chains through a shared (classical) loop representation
Michael Aizenman
5:00pm | Simonyi 101
The spin-S quantum spin chain, with a projection-based antiferromagnetic interaction, and the antiferromagnetic XXZ spin-1/2 chain exhibit different forms of translation...
Mar 02

Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar I

An Improved Cutting Plane Method for Convex Optimization, Convex-Concave Games and its Applications
Zhao Song
11:00am | Simonyi Hall 101
Given a separation oracle for a convex set $K \subset \mathbb{R}^n$ that is contained in a box of radius $R$, the goal is to either compute a point in $K$ or prove that $K$...
Mar 02

Members' Seminar

To Be Announced
Toniann Pitassi
2:00pm | Simonyi Hall 101