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AMIAS, the Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study, was formed in 1973 by IAS scholars. Its mission is to “encourage and support the scholarly work and related interests of the Institute for Advanced Study; to maintain and strengthen engagement between the Institute and its current and former Members; and to promote interaction between the Institute and the academic community at large.” AMIAS is governed by a Board of Trustees, former IAS scholars from all four Schools.

Each year, the AMIAS Board of Trustees Nominating Committee prepares a nomination slate to be sent to the AMIAS Membership. If you are interested in serving on the AMIAS Board of Trustees, you may submit your name or have someone nominate you by emailing

All former and current IAS scholars are considered members of AMIAS.

AMIAS does not charge member dues, however, tax-deductible donations from current and former Institute scholars represent a significant source of support for Members in all four Schools.  To find out more about supporting the Institute, click HERE.

AMIAS Members enjoy multiple benefits, including permanent IAS email addresses (request yours through UpdateMe), the ability to attend numerous Institute events, and access to library resources during normal business hours. Members are also called upon to nominate and vote for their representatives on the AMIAS Board of Trustees.

IAS scholars may request an AMIAS/IAS email address through the UpdateMe system. The email format will be If you have difficulty logging in, there is a reset your passwork link. If you still have difficulty, you may contact your School’s help desk. School of Historical Studies or Social Science; School of Mathematics; School of Natural Sciences

IAS lectures may be found here.

Former IAS scholars are welcome to visit the Institute. You may have lunch in Simons Hall. Currently we accept cash. You are welcome to visit the IAS libraries as well. Unfortunately IAS is not able to offer housing to former scholars who visit the campus.

If you are visiting and would like to connect with AMIAS, please email

To access the suggestion form, please click HERE. We appreciate hearing from you.

You may send an email to AMIAS.

Former Members and Visitors are invited to lunch in the Dining Hall (cash only). Contributing yearly to IAS at the Oppenheimer Circle level of $1,500 or more carries a benefit of receiving an Institute ID card. The card allows you to make dinner reservations and to charge lunch purchased in the IAS dining hall. You will receive a monthly invoice for the food and drink charged to your ID card.

There are many ways of including the Institute in your philanthropic plans: with gifts of annual support, major gifts of endowment and program support, or with gifts made in conjunction with your estate planning process. However much you are able to give, your support will make a difference for the future of the Institute. Please visit the Development website or contact our Development Staff for more information. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Institute scholars are welcome to visit the Institute’s libraries during weekday hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please make an appointment to work in your chosen reading room, by emailing Marcia Tucker at the HS-SS library or Emma Moore at the MNS library. 

Note: There are no borrowing privileges for former IAS scholars.

For information about reapplying to the Institute, please refer to one of the Institute’s School application pages or contact the School’s Administrative Officer: School of Historical StudiesSchool of MathematicsSchool of Natural SciencesSchool of Social Science.

Stay informed about Institute news, activities, and events through social media: FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube.

Video lectures are available to view online. You may search by lecturer or lecture title.