Alexandra Day to Lead Strategic Initiatives at IAS

The Institute for Advanced Study has appointed Alexandra Day as its first Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives, Programming, and Partnerships. Day, who has extended the reach and engagement of some of the nation’s leading educational and cultural institutions, will begin at IAS on February 15, 2023.

Blasphemy Is Not a DEI Issue

By Joan Wallach Scott, Professor Emerita in the School of Social Science: 

"[The Hamline case] is not an example of any tension between diversity and academic freedom, but of the confusion between fair treatment of minority students (respect and care for their well-being) and capitulation to religious censorship. The one does not require the other."

Michael Walzer on Liberal as an Adjective

As part of a three episode series which aims to help improve understanding of liberalism, host Justin Kempf speaks with Michael Walzer, Professor Emeritus in the School of Social Science. The podcast touches on Walzer's newest book, The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On Liberal as an Adjective.

History Can Be an Antidote to Antisemitism

By David Nirenberg, Director and Leon Levy Professor: 

"What counts as antisemitism? Is it on the rise, and if so, who’s to blame—the left or the right, Christians or Muslims? Or is it “the Jews” and their actions that are at fault, as some maintain. These questions may feel new, but the resurgence of antisemitism didn’t begin in 2022, and it’s not only happening in the U.S."

‘Nasty’ Geometry Breaks Decades-Old Tiling Conjecture

"'It’s easy to cover a floor with copies of squares, triangles or hexagons [...] but only in ways that never repeat. 'You want to understand the structure of such tilings,' said Rachel Greenfeld, a mathematician at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. 'How crazy can they get?' Pretty crazy, it turns out."

Institute Letter, Fall 2022

Learn how researchers have harnessed black holes to test theories of fundamental physics and are beginning to glimpse the first stars and galaxies in the universe with the James Webb Space Telescope. Join in the thrill of a discovery made right here at IAS of more than 100 plaster casts of ancient coins. Take a deep dive into the complexities of fetal personhood as analyzed by social scientists in the wake of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision.

Read the digital edition or click here to view the PDF.