Paving a Way

Visitors navigating the Institute for Advanced Study for the first time may be surprised to find themselves lingering on Einstein Drive or driving through Veblen Circle. There are scholars in the streets of the Institute for Advanced Study. These roads serve as an important reminder of the historic scholars that paved a way for the groundbreaking research that happens today on the Institute campus.

IAS Welcomes 271 Scholars for 2021–22 Academic Year

The Institute for Advanced Study begins its 2021–22 academic year with a continuation of in-person activities. The Institute plans to welcome 271 new and returning scholars and scientists to campus, representing 114 academic institutions and hailing from 38 countries.

Covid-19 Updates

September 17, 2021


The Institute campus is open for all faculty, members, staff and occasional visitors who are sponsored by a member of our community. We continue to remain closed to the public.

The Institute requires trustees, faculty, staff, and members to provide proof of having completed a COVID-19 vaccination before gaining on-campus access to offices, libraries, seminars, meetings, meals and other resources.  Click here for details.

 Fully vaccinated individuals at IAS:

  • Do need to carry an IAS ID card at all times.
  • Do need to stay home if sick with symptoms of COVID-19 or otherwise.
  • Do need to wear a mask indoors in public spaces other than private offices or when eating or drinking.
  • Do not need to wear a mask outdoors.
  • Please be courteous to individuals that may request the wearing of a face covering while in their presence outdoors.
  • Do not need to quarantine after having close contact with someone with Covid-19, as long as they remain asymptomatic.
  • Do not need to quarantine or get tested before/after domestic travel unless otherwise required by their destination.

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Wendy L. Brown Joins IAS Faculty

Wendy L. Brown has joined IAS as the UPS Foundation Professor in the School of Social Science. Brown’s foundational insights into neoliberalism, authoritarianism, feminism, sovereignty, progress, and tolerance, among other signature concepts, have revolutionized understandings of democracy and the modern powers that challenge it.

The Spring 2021 Institute Letter

Read articles by IAS Faculty and Members exploring the origins of the Second World War; the Janus-like nature of mathematical dualities; and the troubling history and misuse of the term “moral hazard." Also included are Alondra Nelson’s remarks delivered on the occasion of her appointment as Deputy Director for Science and Society in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and coverage of Avi Wigderson’s 2021 Abel Prize.

New Biography on the Life and Legacy of Kurt Gödel

Kurt Gödel, a Member of the Institute Faculty in the School of Mathematics, is the topic of the biography Journey to the Edge of Reason by Stephen Budiansky. In conducting research for the book, Budiansky worked closely with the Institute archivists. The book depicts the early days at the Institute, where Gödel often met with fellow longtime IAS scholar Albert Einstein.

A Room, an Office, a Library, a World

The Institute is a remarkably modest place. Like all Members, I was provided a lovely apartment, a simple office (with computer), access to libraries, lunch in the dining hall, tea in the afternoon. So how does new knowledge come out of such a simple mix?